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ot-clean, How to access maven artifact version at runtime?

I wanted to display the version number in help section during application runtime. It turns out that Maven has very interesting feature called resource filtering.

You can add <resources/> fragment into the pom.xml.


It says that maven should look into help.txt file and try to perform replacements (same as in pom.xml). Now we can put ${project.version} directly inside help.txt.

Version - ${project.version}

Below you can see full help.txt file file.

   ___ _____     ___ _    ___   _   _  _
  / _ \_   _|__ / __| |  | __| /_\ | \| |
 | (_) || ||___| (__| |__| _| / _ \| .` |
  \___/ |_|     \___|____|___/_/ \_\_|\_|

          Supported arguments

-d      - By default no directories are going to be deleted. You have to provide
          this argument if you really want to delete them.


Version - ${project.version}
Source  -
Author  - Grzegorz Gajos /
Sponsor - Open Tangerine /

By the way, all other maven variables are accessible also.

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