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The only prerequisite you need have already installed on your machine is JRE 1.8. Now go to and unpack the latest release of ot-clean and add it to your PATH so it will be visible and executable in the command line. You might want to read also How to efficiently manage PATH variable in Windows. If you’re on other platforms you just need to add the executable to the path similar to Windows solution. I’m planning to write down a small tutorial for Unix-like systems but feel free to submit PR if you manage to run on your platform.

Portable version

If you like, you can just put ot-clean.jar file in a directory where you are planning to perform cleanup and just type java -jar ot-clean.jar. This will make your installation purely portable and connected with your project.

The ot-clean series

This blog post is one of the series about the ot-clean. Simple open source tool that maintains your projects directories cleaned from all the garbage. Feel free to look at the source code or readme page for more information. You can also submit pull request or post suggestion. This text participates in open source blogging competition.

Project status

Build Status

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