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ot-clean, Coveralls integration and code cleanup

I had hard time integrating Cobertura and coveralls. In the end it turns out it’s just not working and I’m continuously fighting with errors. Moreover, Cobertura is really crashing a lot in JDK 8. I found however very interesting and active test coverage project called Jacoco. Below you can find coverage profile I am using in order to produce coverage report and send it to


I am using Travis for building purposes. Below you can find configuration file:

language: java
 - oraclejdk8
   - $HOME/.m2
 - mvn clean install -Pqulice,coverage coveralls:report --batch-mode --errors

Recurrence -r parameter is gone

One small update regarding version 0.8. It turns out that I’ve never wanted to use cleanup only on the current directory. Therefore -r parameter has been removed in 0.8 and now by default application is looking for all nested directories.

The ot-clean series

This blog post is one of the series about the ot-clean. Simple open source tool that maintains your projects directories cleaned from all the garbage. Feel free to look at the source code or readme page for more information. You can also submit pull request or post suggestion. This text participates in open source blogging competition.

Project status

Build Status

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